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Pygmy Filter


The newly introduced PYGMY filter is used for the removal of sediment and suspended particles from the water supply. These five micron filters have 1 ½” connection and are supplied with mounting brackets, pressure gauge and spanner for easy bag exchange or washable type.

The water which enters into the filter is filtered by the bag and pure water devoid of sediments/suspended particles alone is flown to the supply line. Pygmy filter is a must in every house.


Iron Removal Systems

Iron is an objectionable constituent of portable water. Iron in water imparts a bitter characteristic, metallic taste and cause oxidized precipitate. Color of water, which may be yellowish brown to reddish brown, symbols the water objectionable or unsuitable for use. In addition to this, Iron stain everything with which it come in contact. Iron exists in water in two levels. One as the bivalent, Ferrous Iron (Fe ++) and the second one as the trivalent, Ferric Iron (Fe+++). The Ferric Iron generally occurs in the precipitated form. Iron forms complexes of hydroxides and other in-organic complexes in solution with substantial amount of bi-carbonate, sulphate, phosphate, cyanide or halides. Presence of organic substances induces the formation of organic complexes which increase the solubility of Iron. The waters of high alkalinity have lower iron than waters of low alkalinity.


Water Softening Plant

Hard water is frequently unsuitable for many industrial and domestic purposes. When water is referred to as 'Hard' it simply means that it contains excess of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) ions than normal water. Carbonate hardness is known as temporary hardness and non-carbonate hardness is known as permanent hardness. The degree of hardness of the water increases when more calcium and magnesium dissolve ions. These ions have their origins in limestone sediments and also from carbon dioxide which is present in all waters exposed to the atmosphere and especially in ground water. The easiest way to soft the hard water is through Ion exchange process.


Multi Grade Filter

The MGF works on principle of retention and removal of physical impurity in a graded manner through Voids of the filtering media.
The physical impurities of raw water i.e. suspended solids, dirt, dust & all visible particles are removed in Multi Grade Filter up to 50 micron.
Product Description
Multi grade filter is a depth filter that makes use of coarse and fine media mixed together in a fixed proportion. This arrangement produces a filter bed with adequate pore dimensions for retaining both large and small suspended particles. This filter performs at a substantially higher specific flow rate than conventional filters.


Pressure Sand Filter

We produce wide range of standardized and custom built filtration system to remove suspended solids from water. Pressure sand filter are used as per treatment system in RO plant (ROP) and post treatment system in Waster water treatment plants (STP & ETP).
Pressure Sand Filter Process
Raw water is passed through the pressure sand filter, the filter media is supported on gravel bed that consists of multiple layers of Graded quartz sand, Fine sand, Super fine white sand and pebbles of progressively larger sizes. During the filtration cycle the filter bed retains the dirt and suspended particles from the water and accumulates within the filter the water and accumulates within the filter bed. As the filtration progress the filter media gets loaded with retained suspended particles, this results in a continuous increase of pressure drop across the filter, when a predetermined pressure drop level is achieved the filter is shut down for cleaning.


Filter Cartridges

With the thorough knowledge of the varied aspects of the market, we have been able to provide the customers with Filter Cartridges. Effective for removing micron dust particles from water, these cartridges comprise vessel, housing polypropylene cartridge filter elements. Ensures proper filtration of micron dust particles, these systems are utilized in pretreatment of reverse osmosis systems as well as in enhancing life of RO membranes. Available with us in different sizes, these systems are manufactured at par with the industry set guidelines.





Pygmy Filter



No Electricity

With out Maintenance

Easy Installation


Big PP filter housing - 20 inch

Pressure Gauge - 1No

Material of Bag - Polyester

Mesh Protector - PP

Inlet/ out let - 200 mm

Service Spanner Key - 1

powder coated

Mounting Bracket (MS) - 1

Carbon Filters

We are a coveted business organization engaged in catering to the variegated requirements of the customers by bringing Carbon Filters. Used for removal of odor, removal of color pigments from water, these filters are used as per treatment system in RO plant. Further, it is also used for post treatment system in waster water treatment plants (STP, ETP, ROP).


Process description:
  1. • The water passes through the Activated carbon filter
  2. • The filter media consist of activated granular carbon
  3. • Activated carbon adsorbs onto its surface free chlorine, organic compounds, color and odor The activated carbon bed is supported by a multilayer graved bed
  4. • The activated carbon bed is also backwashed at fixed intervals to dislodge any accumulated dirt particles


UV Disinfection System

Owing to the dexterous professionals, we have been able to provide the customers with a commendable UV Disinfection System. Capable to cater to the requirements of various industries, these systems are trusted technology and natural purifier.


Other details:
  1. • UV is a band of invisible light in the electro magnetic spectrum
  2. • Range 200 – 400 nm wave lengths
  3. • The UV wave length of 253.7 nm possesses the greatest germicidal effectiveness
  4. • Penetrates the microorganism cell membrane to destroy the DNA molecules
  5. • Prevents cell replication
  6. • UV is used to provide bacterial disinfection in water
  7. • It does not change the physical or chemical characteristics in water
  8. • UV provides disinfection on contact. It does not have any residual properties left in the treated water
  9. • There are no known microorganisms resistant to UV


Dosing Systems

Since inception, we are engaged in catering to the variegated requirements of the customers by bringing forth Dosing Systems. The dosing pumps offered by us are installed with liquid handling material that ensures a very wide chemical compatibility. Work with almost all chemicals used in water treatment plants, these systems have unique double ball valve design and the absence of elastomer in contact with the dosed media.


Application areas:
  1. • Drinking water treatment
  2. • RO Plants
  3. • Mineral water plants
  4. • Sewage water recycling
  5. • Effluent recycling
  6. • Municipal water supply
  7. • Zero liquid discharge systems
  8. • Water treatment systems
  9. • Hospitals
  10. • Swimming Pool


Ozone Generators

Owing to the sprawling infrastructure, we have been successful in catering to the variegated requirements of the customers by providing Ozone Generators. Ozone is effective in killing bacteria and the reaction generated by the generator is instantaneous as the gas mixes with water. ozone is formed, when a high voltage electric discharge is passed through air and oxygen ionizes.


Other details:
  1. • The reaction rate is 3200 times faster than any known Method.
  2. • The disinfection rate is constant.
  3. • Ozone can be increased or decreased to any desired levels for effective treatment of water and also destroys bad effects of chlorine
  4. • Ozone is powerful oxidant
  5. • It reacts chemically with cells to destroy them
  6. • Ozonizer is used to create a hygienic environment


  • Water Softeners
  • Sewage Water treatment plant
  • Iron Removal Plant
  • Reverse Osmosis System
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Waste water treatment plant
  • Nano-Filtration Plant
  • Demineralization plant
  • Micro-Filtration Plant
  • More

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